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Creative Director / 

Aerial Choreographer 

Director, aerial choreographer and designer Gwyneth Larsen is the co-creator of Breaking Surface - "a thrilling multi-faceted performance of incredible skill and poetic beauty.” Broadway World.  She was aerial director of Creation Live, which included aerial scenes with up to 30 aerialists over 80 feet above the audience.  She has directed live and televised aerial performances for Target, Red Bull and Nestle among other clients, and been on the creative team for numerous operas, club shows and theatrical productions.  


Beginning her career as a dancer with the Vanaver Caravan Institute immersed her in dance and music from every corner of the planet all grounded in solid technique and martial arts.  These styles continue to influence her aesthetic.  Working with the Institute as a teacher in public and private schools shaped her to look at all performance as a way to share the worlds cultural riches and imbued her with a sense of the responsibility each artist has to communicate their art to every audience.  

After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College with a focus in ancient Greek literature she toured the world with De La Guarda, Fuerza Bruta, The Metropolitan Opera and other renowned companies. From each company she gained a different approach to communicating passion and artistic vision to the audience, and deepened her own approach to creation and expression. Working as a stunt woman in film and television honed her sense of immediacy and intimacy, and each project always enriched her love of collaboration. In 2004 she co-founded AiRealistic- a site-specific aerial theater company- with a group of thoroughly inspired and creative artists, dedicated to excellence in creation. 


Her creative partner, William Mulholland, balances her poetic sensibilities with a drive and knife sharp focus on the goal of the production that only a world class gymnast is capable of. Together they paint stories that blend the artistic genres they both have spent a lifetime immersed in- dance, theater, puppetry, circus, acrobatics and of course, aerial. She views all performance as an opportunity to tell a story, and to share a moment of intimacy that aims to expand the audiences idea of what is possible. She brings the same passion to her teaching as to her stage creations and loves to coach actors, dancers and performers of all walks of life through unexplored physical territory.

Director / Choreographer  Resume



Breaking Surface


Theater for the New City 2013



Brooklyn Lyceum 2011


Co-founder/Artistic Dir.


Nestle Resource 2013 Launch



Target- Fall for you 2012 Launch



“Creation Live”

Aerial Artistic Dir.

Crystal Cathedral



Select Choreography

Andre Chenier- Bregenz Fest

Aerial Choreographer

Dir. Kieth Warner

04 World Stunt Awards

Aerial Choreographer

Paramount Studios



Woodstock, NY

Sebastian Volupt campaign

Aerial Coach


America’s Next Top Model

Special Skills Coach






Select Performance

Fuerza Bruta

Captain NY Original Cast

Dique James

Met Opera- Ring Cycle

Acrobat Swing

Robert Lepage

De La Guarda

Lead- World Tour

Dique James, Pichon Baldinu

Cirque Du Soleil Special Events


Jacque Marcott

Vanaver Caravan 


Livia & Bill Vanaver





Film & Television


See Stunt Resume for Film and Stunt credits




Training:  Sarah Lawrence College, BA        Dance: Ann Carlson, Doug Elkins, Viola Farber, Dan Hurlin, 

Acting: Heidi Marshall- On Camera Acting        Daniel Lepkoff, Daniel Trennor, Yoshiko Chuma, Livia Vanaver

Diana Castle- The Imagined Life

Movement Theater Studio: Lecog Technique- Richard Crawford  /  Puppetry- Robert Lee

Special Skills

Extensive harness experience, Rock Climbing, Lyra, Hammock, Trapeze, Horseback Riding, Yoga & Pilates.

Varied dance including: Modern, Ballet, Salsa, Tango, Percussive, African, broad range of Folk Dance, partnering & lifts. 

Martial Arts including: Karate, Judo, Kung Fu, Capoiera, Stage combat, Weapons. 

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