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Extensive harness & wire experience

Dance and Martial arts background 

Rock Climbing 

Competitive horse riding- bareback & jumps 

PADI Scuba certified 



Theater credits include: De La Guarda, Fuerza Bruta, Met Opera & Cirque Du Soleil Special Events.


In 2004 I co-founded AiRealistic- a site specific aerial theater company, specializing in human flying solutions. With AiRealistic I have coached and trained many actors and celebrities. Check out for more information about our custom rigging fabrication, choreography and flight design.

Stunt Resume

  AFTRA / SAG    

Height: 5'4"                    Weight: 115lbs                     Hair: Dirty Blonde

                  Eyes: Hazel                           Dress: 2 /4                                    Shoe: 6.5


Recent Work



The Leftovers


Tin Man

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Kerry Condon

Kara Killmer

Megan Fox

Justin Reimer

Doug Crosby

Stephen Pope

Scott Rogers

The Americans

Keri Russell

Blaise Corrigan

Person of Interest

Sarah Shahi

Jeff Gibson



Jery Hewitt


Kelli Giddish

Jennifer Lamb Hewitt

Wolf of Wall Street


Blaise Corrigan/George Aguilar



Doug Crosby/George Aguilar

Boardwalk Empire

Kelly Macdonald

Stephen Pope

Louie C. K. Show


Stephen Pope

Now You See Me

Melanie Laurent

Stephen Pope


Andrea Riseborough

Stephen Pope

Give Me All Yur Luvin

Madonna- Dance/Wire


Spiderman on Broadway

Wire coaching

Scott Rogers

Love & Other Drugs

Stunt Dancer

Stephen Pope

America’s Next Top Model

Fuerza Bruta

Tincho Garcia

Spike TV- VGA Awards


Bobby Brown

Sebastian- Volupt Campain

Aerial Model

Bill Mulholland

Cirque Du Soliel Special Events

Wire, aerialist

Merlin Larsen

Calvin Klein live event

De La Guarda

Tincho Garcia

2004 World Stunt Awards


Merlin Larsen

Andre Chenier/Bregenz 


Merlin Larsen

Met Opera- Ring Cycle


Guy St-Amour

People’s Choice Awards

Wire coaching

Simon Franklyn

AberCrombie&Fitch ad campaign

Flying Trapeze model

Tito Gaona

The Suite Life

Circus Performer

Merlin Larsen


Skills:    Extensive harness & wire experience.  Aerial coach & Choreographer. 

 Rigging  |  Descender Falls  |  PADI advanced cert.  |  Martial Arts |  Stong Dance

Horse back riding- English, Western, Bareback.   

Rock Climbing, Repelling, Yoga, Pilates, Trapeze, Lyra, Hard Hits, Ratchet. 

Other:  Strong theater background, character development, improvisation, acting.

BA- Sarah Lawrence College, Greek philosophy.  Heidi Marshall- On-Camera acting

Stunt Woman

More stunt videos and a reel coming soon, but here's a quick unedited clip.  


Person of Interest - Doubling for Sarah Shahi, stunt coordinator Jeff Gibson. 

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